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Local Engagement

Local Engagement

Cana believes every member is called to the Gospel work. Our job is to expand the message of good news about Jesus. Get connected to the work.

Pray and Go

Our community needs prayer warriors like you! 
Pray and Go is a simple and effective means of telling others about Jesus and extending good will to them. Simply walk and pray for God's good grace to be on others. When asked, tell them about Jesus. We also provide simple doorhangers that let people inside know they were prayed for. Connect to the team. 

Redemptive Community

Biblical Coaching is the starting place for Redemptive Community efforts. It is a program to train biblical counselors to help see people liberated from compulsive sin. The Leader's group will be a training effort. This ministry is designed to provide individuals with biblical coaching so they can walk in biblical freedom. Connect to the Team